"Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly." -Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Checking in...

Hi, guys! It's been just about forever (In my world, a month IS forever) since I"ve grabbed a few minutes to write, and even now, I had to spend 45 minutes reading some of the many blogs I like to try to keep up with, before landing in my own writing space.
Here's what's new:
I passed the class, with like a B, I think?!! WOOT WOOT! And last week I got the official paper that says I've got my Technical Certificate in Human Services.  ALERT THE MEDIA!! Yeah, they're so beating down the door. (ahem.)
Anyway, I FINISHED it. And, despite pressure from ALL sides, but least of all my Sweety-thank God-I'm NOT going to run out and get "anything" in the way of a job. The idea of deserting my youngest at this time, is just not setting well with me. Honestly, in a perfect world, he'd never go back to public school and I'd supplement our income by creating pretty and unusual things. It is very important to me that I can be there when the boy needs me. Thankfully, the Big Guy and I are in complete agreement in the overall $$ issues: don't need much, just enough to stay afloat and some left over to give away. And being the faithful kinda God that God is, He's taken great care to let us keep the lights on, the vehicles gassed up, and clothes on everyone. (I hate to admit how much my Mom's been assisting us, but I know if she weren't, we'd really be up $hit Creek.) We were talking about that recently, and truth is, I know she likes to help us, whether or not it's related to the illusions of control she also has. I can totally see how I'd feel if my boys "needed" me when they hadn't for a long time. God help us, we're really anxious to get out from the help that she gives us, just for our own mental health's sake, and I'm hopeful that that time is right around the corner.
Here's why:
I recently started keeping up with an old associate (30 years?! Dangit how old AM I!??!) yes, from 30 years ago, who is musically inclined and generally very talented and an all around great guy. "Scott" is a member of a local band that's gotten to be ridiculously popular. They've got the videos on Reverbnation, thousands of friends on facebook-the TRUEST test of genuine like-ability, right? ; ) - and all matter of merchandise available, from caps, to lighters, t-shirts, etc. etc.  So I've been fiddling around with a bit of creative creating, and so I got ahold of Scott & asked him if the band had any kind of jewelry in their merch? He said no, so I said I'd be working on somethings to show him (and his domestic partner) as soon as I finished with that last class. He said great. Sooooo, I've been making pendants from misc. game pieces; primarily Scrabble tiles and dominoes. (I've found several sizes of Dominoes and they're pretty great.) I'll post a picture of some of the non-band pendants I've got so far, and you can judge for yourself if they're adequate to put out on the market. I like them, but I have confirmed AGAIN that I am by far my own worst critic, and even though I've gotten 98% positive input from everyone (the 2% being from Mom, of course),my second-guessing skills have been kicking into overdrive like you wouldn't believe. If this continues, I am very hopeful to find a market for them, w/ or w/o the band's being included.
Pendants by Abz

I think a better camera will be necessary, b/c these were taken with my phone. Can you see them ok? Idk. If I were more blog-savvy, I'd be having a contest to give one away to a lucky reader, but since I'm not, I'll just send one to a friend of mine.
I pray that you are well-fed, rested, and peaceful today. If not, then hopefully it's b/c you had a wonderfully productive day and you're worn out from that.  : )