"Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly." -Albert Einstein

Friday, November 23, 2012

20 years + 1 day

Hi, friends. Today we're recovering from an over-abundance of great cooking and good family time. Thanksgiving yesterday was a nice time, with my boys (BOTH, for a short time!), my wonderful husband, my Mom, brother & his family, my s-i-l's sister, and some friends of my brother's. All were very good to see and hang out with for a minute. Today before heading back home, we all walked around a local tourist spot, which is FULL of crafter's wares : P ', and had a good pizza at one of the local beer & pizza spots.
Today when we arrived back at home, the hubster & I agreed that we're just not good at being out of our own space for very long (more than a day or 2) periods. I suspect that to a certain degree, it's about the "family dynamics", although there was no real notice-able tension, it's the only reason I can think of as to why we always feel so drained. It's not just about time with my family, it's about the same with his, and they're the least stressful people I've probably ever gotten to spend time with! So, yeah, it's gotta be US, not them.
I trust that your Thanksgiving was a good one. Regardless of where we are, what we do or don't have to eat, and any other variables you add or remove from the mix, I'm grateful. We all have pretty good health, all of our needs are provided for, and usually we're allowed to have luxuries that we certainly don't deserve.
So, how was your day?
P.S. I was looking for a fitting picture, and, well, let's just say this one is our family as much as any I found. LOL