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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Top Ten List : )

Hello, all! I was running through my email in order to get to actually WRITE something here, and I came across this list on one of my favorite sites (http://www.momswithadd.com/), and thought I'd share it with you.
Depressing? Maybe a bit. Encouraging to know you're not the only one? Yes, I think so.

Top Ten New Year's ADD Resolutions
  1. I will check the pantry before buying a 10th bottle of Ketchup.
  2. I will check my shopping list before heading to the mall so I don't buy my husband slippers, gloves and scarf instead of the wallet he asked for (this really happened- talk about holiday distractions!).
  3. Next time I lose my keys, I'll first look in the freezer before calling a family Code Blue.
  4. I will make an appointment with my hairdresser before my roots reach my shoulder.
  5. I will remember to get my kids' ADD meds refilled before their Finals, band concerts and grandparents' visit.
  6. I will write down where I park next time I shop at the mall.
  7. I will remember where I wrote down where I parked (mental note: ink on skin works well for this)
  8. I will smile when I get an invitation in the mail for a wedding, dinner party, shower, etc. instead of immediately freaking out that I have nothing to wear.
  9. I will cook at least one meal per month without completely destroying the kitchen.
  10. I will look at my mail before throwing it into the garbage so I won't have to embarrass myself for the no-shows at doctor appointments, school events and important meetings.
P.S. I didn't yet acquire the Netbook I was hoping for, for Christmas, so I'm still unable to r-e-l-a-x and write my thoughts much. It will happen, but just not now.
Love and hugs~
Per #7: DON'T you judge me for using my PALM (get it? Palm?!) Pilot!
 Hee hee I crack myself up. But yes I usually have something important written on me.